Naomi Watts, Wanking Promises

•July 29, 2009 • Leave a Comment

I watched Eastern Promises for the second time the other night. Great film. Scary. Violent. Tense.

The first time I watched it last year, Naomi Watts got her first wank right after. She was impossible to resist in this film. And a couple of days ago, after watching it again, she got her second.

Beautiful lady.


My Favourite Redhead, Nicola Roberts

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When Kim got one the other day, I knew Nicole Roberts would follow soon after.

You get the girls aloud girls on your mind and not long after they’ve all seen some action (well, except for Nadine, who for some weird reason I’ve still never wanked over. Will that change anytime soon? No idea).

This was Nicola’s first of the year, which isn”t good enough really. She deserves more.

Emma, What’s Your Name?

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Another one for the QVC tally.

This wank was over Emma, one of the models on the channel. I don’t know her second name, but as soon as I do I’ll update things. I don’t like not knowing the full name. I like to give full credit where it’s due.

Anyway, Emma’s really pretty and seems very nice. I’ve been seeing her on QVC for months now, and she’s earned this one. I think there will be more to come (cum) for her in the future.

Julia Roberts QVC – It’s Yours

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Julia Roberts on QVC always gets me.

She’s 53 now, and old enough to be my mother with room to spare. But I’m not ageist, and she just gets me. So I had another over her a few days ago.

What can I say? It’s the boobs! Spectacular. With breasts like that you’ve always got a shot. A shot at getting my shot.

This latest one over Julia was her 7th of the year, putting her in joint 3rd place overall. And yes, she could easily win the year. All she needs to do is keep wearing low-cut tops and showing 18″ pendants.

Wanking’s The Fun Part

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Wanking over female celebs is more fun than writing about it after the fact. That’s why I haven’t updated recently, even though 4 more have been had. I’m determined to stick with this log though, so don’t worry, the updates will carry on.

I believe that every wank deserves it’s own post, so what follows will be 4 rapid-fire posts to get the log up to date. You’re about to see the QVC ladies continue with their complete domination. As it stands, 39.9% of my all my masturbatory action this calendar year has been over QVC ladies. Unbelievable.

I’m starting to toy with the idea of having an extended period where I use no one but QVC girls. Maybe I might even try for an entire year with just them starting in January 2010.

Clear Daylight For Catherine Huntley

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Yesterday Catherine Huntley inspired me to another one. This was her 10th of the year, and puts her 3 clear of the field. Is she unstoppable? Will she be the champ for 2009? Who can stop her?

A Night In With Kimberly Walsh

•July 22, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Wednesday night belonged to Kimberly Walsh. My favourite Girls Aloud girl. Only the second wank of the year over Kimberly. Not enough. I must do better. She’s always great.

Just realised that she’s the only Girls Aloud girl I’ve used this year. A Disgrace. I’m ashamed.

I’ll rectify the abnormality soon (yeah, you should be excited, Nicola).